Top 6 Features to look out for in Jewellery Software

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March 14, 2016
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Top 6 Features to look out for in Jewellery Software


Whether you are an independent jewellery retailer, wholesaler or a chain-store, your jewellery software should help you manage all parts of your business including inventory, customer relationships, vendors, point of sale, invoicing, marketing and bar-code / RFID.

Below are 6 important features that you should look for when choosing jewellery software:

  1. Auto-Pricing

A powerful pricing tool to dynamically calculate prices while browsing through multiple jewellery categories is a must. This real-time mechanism should calculate prices per-customer, per-supplier or per-user group for entire categories of products for ease of use.

  1. Point Of Sale (POS)

A Tablet based Jewelry POS Software, you can be where your customer is in the store and close the deal. From product catalogues to sales processing to customer maintenance, you should be able to run all aspects of your retail business from your Tablet. Mobility and flexibility should come in one powerful Jewelry POS package.

  1. Reporting

A dashboard should give you quick report of recent activity on your software with stock and sales summaries. The software should allow for a record of most viewed, most bought, most rated and newly arrived items in both loose diamonds and jewellery. An integrated reporting tool such as Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) will allow you to create your own custom reports.

  1. Customer and Vendor Management

User Management tools allow you to manage your customer’s details, as well as view their preferences, wish-lists and past orders. You should be able to assign different prices to different customers as well as allow certain stock to be visible to only a certain group of customers. Similarly, your software should allow you to manage your suppliers and pricing offered by each.

  1. Image Management and Certificates

Images added on the software should be automatically resized for use in thumbnails and product pages including support for interactive 360° views. In addition to this, you should be able to upload certificates for jewellery and diamonds to the software. A software that is pre-integrated with labs such as GIA, IGI, HRD, etc. will make your job much easier as you will not have to upload certificates manually for each item you add to the software.

  1. Purchase / Work Order Management

Look for software that allows you to issue purchase and work orders to your suppliers and manufacturing units, respectively. Orders placed can be tracked and your raw material inventory can be updated with usage and wastage information.