Absolute Diamonds

Project Details

Absolute Diamonds deals with everything related to the diamond industry, be it rough or polished diamonds, jewellery or courses in the magical science of the stone. Absolute Diamonds are Diamond Brokers par excellence and they can assure you that they will get you the diamonds at prices that are lower than market-rates. Mr. Alex & Ms. Nelly are the guiding light behind Absolute Diamonds.

Over the years, their business has grown and now spans across the realms of diamonds, education, gemology as well as e-commerce of loose diamonds. Absolute Diamonds is more than a brand name, it is their corporate belief, it stands for Mr. Alex's drive of being the absolute best in any chosen endeavor.

Please remember, Absolute Diamonds gives you absolutely the best diamonds in the business thanks to over 40 years of experience.

Mr. Alex Tsotros' efforts and vision have been recognized and rewarded by renowned institutions such as:

  • Member : Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa
  • Jewellery Council of South Africa
  • Jewellers Association Athens Greece
  • Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
  • Charter Member of Alumni Association of GIA (1983)
  • Word Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)
  • Founder and MD of Universal Gems Pvt. Ltd
  • GIA alumni association USA and Greece