Custom Software Development & Web Development

Diamond Technology Solutions combines its domain knowledge of Diamond and Jewelry businesses along with its technical capabilities to provide advanced software and e-commerce solutions. Apart from providing our popular ready-to-use technology products, we also take up custom development of e-commerce websites, marketplaces, custom builders, retail ERP & POS softwares and other such solutions.

While most of our custom development revolves around building software, web and mobile solutions for the diamond and jewellery industry, we do take up mid to large-scale custom projects outside of this industry.

We usually go through a Requirement Gathering and Technical Specifications stage before the start of a custom development project. See our Technology Consulting services for more information about this.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the backbone of a business. A well implemented ERP will make business smoother and allow you to focus on the next big step that you’re going to take. We design, develop and deliver custom software solutions like ERP, Inventory management system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Point of Sale (POS) system etc. Our fully-customizable E-Jewel and Odin Platforms may serve as a starting point to building a solution based on business needs. Or in some cases, we may develop the solution from scratch specifically as per the requirements.


We develop large custom e-commerce solutions, as well as, tools / plug-ins / builders that can be integrated with existing e-commerce websites. Our advanced E-Jewel and Odin powered web solutions may serve as an excellent foundation for delivering the custom website you are looking for. We understand the importance of the design elements for any web-based solution, and our highly skilled website designers will cater to your needs based on your tastes and preferences. Our designers like to follow the KISS rule – “Keep it Simple Silly” while creating a custom website design. While we make our customer-centric designs, we keep in mind that making it user-friendly is as important as making it aesthetically pleasing. Custom Builders As part of our web-based solutions, we have built several Custom Builders wherein your customers can build a virtual jewellery item in-store on a Tablet device or at the luxury of their homes on a website. We have built different types of builders such as: Build Your Own Ring / Earring / Pendant Charm Bracelet Builders Tennis Bracelet Builders Personalized Jewellery Builders – Family Jewellery, Name / Initials, Birthstone, etc. Graduation Class Rings, Military Rings


For most businesses, a major part of the audience comes through mobile devices. In developing the web apps for mobile devices we ensure that their interface allows users to comfortably access them via mobile phones. And as mobile phones have touch screens instead of a mouse with them, a suitable interface can create a whole lot of difference. Having a mobile friendly website is also one of the parameters search engines consider in their rankings. In addition to a mobile website, we also build custom native apps for Android and iOS that can be downloaded by your customers from the Play Store or App Store. These website and mobile apps are often powered by our E-Jewel and Odin platforms that allow you to manage your products, orders, customers from a unified back-office admin control panel.