Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Jewelry & Diamonds

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective and longer lasting way to increase your website’s sales. It is the process of optimizing your website to make it easy for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find and understand your website so it appears higher up on search results.

For SEO for the diamonds and jewelry industry, there is a good bit of research that goes into identifying social and geographic target market, keyword selection and an overall strategy for content-generation that is based on the product and the brand that your business carries.

Most Search Engines, especially Google, consider a website to be more credible if other relevant websites with quality content have links that lead to it. Apart from this, having links from social media websites also plays a role in higher ranking in a search engine.

To maximize your website search credibility we initiate a strategic link building program, building links back to your site from social media websites and high impact diamond and jewelry partner sites from all over the world.

SEO Setup Plan

Competitor Review & Keyword Analysis

We begin the search engine optimization campaign by analyzing the current status of your website and how it compares with your top competitors based on the kind of jewelry you sell. This helps us determine the competitiveness, with regards to search engine optimization. We will come up with a list of keywords we would like to target based on the products you are selling. This is a sample list of keywords that we may go for: ”engagement rings, proposal, wedding rings, jewelry, fine jewelry, diamonds, diamond, loose diamonds, diamond rings, 18k gold, platinum, sterling, silver, pearls, sapphire, emerald, ruby, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, diamond education, guidance, diamonds and fine jewelry, ideal cut, GIA, AGS, cut, clarity, color, carat, settings, engaged”. While there is a large volume of searches that are made for generics keywords such as the ones above, a lot of times they end up being very competitive and therefore requires a much longer lead time to achieve results. Therefore in addition to these keywords, It is always a good idea to be creative with long form keywords that may help you reach your target audience

Content And On-Page Optimization

We modify various on-page factors: Page titles, Meta Description, Images’ Alt tags and visible text to achieve optimum keyword density. The challenge here is to optimize the visible content of the page, and yet keep the flow of text visitor-friendly. “Keyword stuffing” and “spamming” are absolute no-no’s. While spamming may achieve short term results with search engines, it adversely affects rankings in the long term. Furthermore, spamming the site’s text with keywords makes it less readable to the visitor.

Linking Campaigns To Increase Link Popularity

Search engines consider quality incoming links to be an upvote i.e. – All factors being equal, a site with more incoming links will rank higher (NOTE: It’s not only the number of links, but also the quality of links). Backlinks still remain one of the top three considerations for search ranking by Google. We build reciprocal and/or one way incoming links to enhance your rankings. This includes more activity on social media pages, popular diamond and jewellery industry platforms and other relevant websites. Submitting links to your website to diamond and jewelry member directories and trade show websites is a good idea for search engines to notice the relevancy of the domain that you are part of.

Rich Answers

For about 20% of the queries, Google provides answers directly in the search results and provides link to the website it has fetched the answer from. These answers are called rich answers. Providing industry specific information e.g. having Jewelry Education pages of quality content will get your pages in rich answers. The question could simply be like, ‘What is the difference between carat and karat?’ Having rich answers is a relatively newer consideration for Google page ranking.

Locality Specific Marketing

If your business has specific locations e.g. one or more Jewelry stores, location specific marketing can be implemented. This includes three steps:
  • Setting up Google Local / Google My Business pages
  • Auditing citations
  • Building citations, review websites like Yelp, yellow page directories, etc.

This kind of marketing ensures that your business has an edge amongst similar businesses in the same locality.

Site Map Creation

Today, Search Engines prefer sitemaps in XML format. We develop an optimized spider friendly XML sitemap for your website which aides search engine spiders to find all of your pages and creates overall page interconnectivity. While sitemaps do not drastically affect the page rank, they do allow search engines to crawl quickly and smartly.

With Sitemaps you get:
  • Better crawl coverage to help people find more of your web pages.
  • Fresher search results.
  • A smarter crawl because you can provide specific information about all your web pages, such as when a page was last modified or how frequently a page changes.

What Do We Need From You?

  • Standard Static Pages – Information about your company and your products that we put on your Home Page, About Us, Manufacturing Processes, etc. is an ABSOLUTE MUST. You must provide at least 2000 words of information content. We will rewrite (if necessary) and optimize it for the keywords that have been selected.
  • Keyword Pages – Apart from optimizing the current set of pages, we would also require additional keyword specific pages such as Diamond and Jewelry Education and FAQs to target the above set of keywords. We will create these pages for your website, however, we would like some initial starting points for each content page. This content should be minimum of 2000-3000 words.
  • Products uploaded by you must carry a proper description and name that is appropriately using keywords if possible. There will be a separate page generated for each product which will be optimized from our end.

Advantages Of Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO in the long term is more cost effective – as time passes, the overall cost reduces. As opposed to SEO, Pay-per-click campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords) have associated recurring costs.
  • SEO can last for years. Many sites do well several years after they’ve made the investment in the site with a good SEO. PPC on the other hand disappears the second you stop bidding on results.
  • SEO puts the Website owner in the driver’s seat – PPC puts the search engine in the driver’s seat.