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Odin© – Online Diamond Inventory Software

Diamond Technology Solutions offers Odin© v3.5, the most advanced B2B Online Diamond Inventory and Sales tool. It is a Diamond Inventory Software with extended capabilities allowing you to list and sell loose diamonds with a built-in E-Commerce website.

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The Odin© Software boasts of a Rich User Interface, Robust Software Technologies and Innovative Ideas that allows Diamond Manufacturers and Wholesalers to take a leap into the dot-com world.

Odin Platform

Feature List for Software and E-Commerce for Loose Diamonds

Diamond Technology Solutions offers the most advanced B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to- Consumer) Enterprise Software and Online Diamond Inventory tools powered by our Odin© platform. Whether you are an independent diamond wholesaler, jewellery retailer or a multi-office diamond manufacturer wholesaler our Odin Software will help you manage all parts of your business including Inventory, Customer Relationships, Vendors, Invoicing, Marketing and Bar-Code / RFID.
Our integrated E-Commerce solutions allow your customers to search your inventory, post requirements, place orders and even make payments online while providing you with a robust web-based diamond inventory management tool accessible at anytime-anywhere.


Diamond Lots (Parcels)

Odin© supports inventory management Diamond Parcels / Lots allowing you to specify Sieve Size, MM Size and Carats. Our Split / Merge feature help you to maintain your loose diamond inventory and maintain average prices with a historical record of the parcels transactions.

Diamond Pairs and Requirement Matching

Finding and selling similar stones is made easy with our Pairs Search Tool allowing you to match your existing Single Stone inventory for creating Matching Pairs. You can also set specific ranges of stones that each of your customers are interested in, and send them diamond stock details for only the stones that match their requirements.

Diamond Inventory Tracking

Our Diamond Inventory Management Tools allow you to specify your Loose Diamond inventory information in up to 45 different searchable fields. The easy to use data entry and purchase management tools provide an integrated GIA facility allowing for diamond information to be retrieved directly using web services and entered into your inventory.

Invoicing, Quotations & Consignments

Our Sales Management tools allow an easy method to Process Orders, Generate Invoices, Quotes and Consignment Notes. These tools will allow you to view historical order data, update statuses, send notifications and keep a track of outstanding payments from each of your customers. We also allow conversion of Quotations and Consignments into an Order.

Barcode / RFID Printing

You can use our software to print RFID tags / barcodes with complete information of the product in a customizable format. Our platform can also be integrated with a third party RFID solution.

Salesman and Branch Support

Our Multi-Location tools enable you to transfer and keep track of your inventory in various locations of your business. The module also helps you to attach your customers to sales staff and keeps them informed about the customers’ activity.

Diamond Processing

Our Odin platform helps you record the process of diamond manufacturing from Rough to Polished diamonds including any treatment processes. Costs can be recorded with details of each process and image of diamonds at each stage. It also allows you to manage job orders sent to external factories.

Tablet Catalog App Integration

We provide a Tablet web app that is a touch-friendly web- based interface that allows your salesmen to show products within the office or on-the-go and even allows your customers to view your products and place orders. It is fully integrated with the Software and provides real-time product and order data.

Rap Discount Pricing

Odin© has been integrated with Rapaport to allow you to calculate diamond prices based on discounts on the Rapaport Pricelist. Our Custom Transaction Reporting tool allows dynamic reports to be generated based on Transaction Types, Customers, Salesmen, etc. in addition to application of various filters. Our Dashboard gives you a quick report of recent activity with stock and sales summaries. It also allows tracking customer activities on the website and knowing their market needs using Google Analytics. Popular Item tracking allows you to view Most Viewed, Most Bought, Most Rated items. We have also integrated with Crystal Reports to allow you to create your own Custom Reports.

Import / Export Tools

The Import and Export facility allows easy inventory updates using CSV and Excel files for Certified Stones as well as Parcels in any file format that is compatible with RapNet or GIA. We have also provide the ability to import data using Web Services.

Search Diamonds

Our AJAX powered Diamond Search Tool uses a unique method to rapidly search through thousands of diamonds in the inventory. It has the ability to search through up to 100,000 certified loose diamonds in less than 1.5 seconds being faster than the BlueNile search engine. Your customers can search for certified diamonds by using our Quick and Advanced search functionality.

Image Management and Certificates

Odin© has been integrated with GIA, HRD and IGI allowing reports to be viewed on the respective certification labs’ websites without having to manually upload certificates. In addition to this, additional images, PDF files or 360 degree videos can also be entered.

Customer and Vendor Management

Our User Management tools allow you to manage your customer’s details, as well as view their preferences, wishlists and past orders. You may also give different prices to different customers as well as allow certain stock to be visible to only a certain group of customers. Our diamond websites allow your vendors to directly upload their stock on to your website while allowing you to manage the margins you charge on their inventory. This is done via custom feed integration

E-Commerce Website Design

Our Odin platform offers a fully integrated E-Commerce website with advanced search mechanisms and easy-to-use ordering facilities. We offer 7 free templates / themes that can be used on the website. In addition to this, we also offer custom jewellery website design services where we will have one of our designers create a template as per your specifications / preferences.

Content Management

Our Content Management tools allow you to dynamically add or edit content pages using a simple WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) Tool to enter text, images and links using advanced formatting tools. It also allows you to add page titles, meta-tags and other information required for Search Engine Optimization.

E-mail Marketing and Newsletters

Our built-in CRM tool allows you to send diamond promotions and newsletters to your customers by Email. You may also use our newly added SMS Marketing Tool to send news updates. The tools allow you to send personalized emails to your customers using a simple WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) tool.

Mobile Web App Integration

We realize that responsive websites for complex search capabilities required for diamond websites are just not effective. Therefore, we provide an integrated mobile web app that is a touch-friendly mobile website that allows customers to view your products and place orders using a mobile device. It is fully integrated with the E-Commerce website and provides real-time product and order data.

Facebook Store Integration

We also provide a Facebook App that allows your products to be listed in a Facebook Store on your company Facebook Page. This allows customers to seamlessly purchase your product without ever leaving Facebook. It is fully integrated with the E-Commerce website and provides real-time product and order data.

Multi-Currency Support

The currency module allows you to process transactions in any currency. It also allows your customers to choose the currency they want to view diamonds in, and make purchases when they visit your website.

Multi-Language Support

This module allows people to view your diamond website in different languages. Please note that we do not provide services for translation of content. Translated content must be provided by you.

Security and Access Control

As an admin you will be able to give each user of the platform in your organization access to various features of the platform using our Security and Access Control module. Access to different features and categories can be assigned to User Groups defined by you.