Why Us?

Advantages of using our software and e-commerce solutions:

Accessible Anywhere-Anytime

Our platforms are web-based, allowing you and your staff to access the software from anywhere in the world at anytime.


Our feature-rich applications are made specifically for diamonds and jewelry. We have tried to incorporate best practices from other industries while keeping in mind the intricacies of running a business in the diamond and jewelry industry.


The platforms can be set to automatically send out order notifications, inventory updates and marketing material for special events.


The jewelry and diamond softwares are made with a focus towards the need to service your customers. It allows you to give customer-wise pricing options, send out notifications for order statuses, marketing emails with inventory updates, etc.


Our application is built on the most advanced technologies including ASP .NET 3.5, AJAX and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 providing you with a secure mechanism for your customer and inventory data.


Our platforms will help you manage all elements of your business whether you are a diamond manufacturer or a jewelry retailer. Being a web application it can be made to use instantly with quick product updates and user creations.


Our currency and language modules allow make our software truly global allowing your sales staff to create invoices in different currencies and languages.


The platform is meant for multiple locations allowing a central database to keep records of inventory and orders for each location. Creating and managing multiple stores or offices is made easy by the software while allowing simplicity in report generation.


Our web-based applications have been built by User-Interface experts so as to allow a quick and easy way for your staff to operate the software, by putting away the more complex elements to be managed by administrators.


The Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms are customizable softwares that can be moulded to suit your business needs and processes. Click here to find out more about our Custom Software services.

Capable of Online Sales

Our software solutions allow you to open up your web application to customers allowing them to purchase your products from your very own diamond inventory website or jewelry e-commerce website. We also provide you with a custom jewelry website design.

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