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E-Jewel© – Jewelry Software

Front-Office Jewelry ERP Software for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers

Diamond Technology Solutions offers E-Jewel© v3.5, that allows Jewelry Retailers and Wholesalers to manage multiple offices / stores using a customizable web-based ERP software made specifically for the Jewelry Industry. Our Software is a robust platform with Advanced Inventory Management and Sales tools combined with a module that allows you to open up your inventory to customers for them to purchase directly from your website.

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Whether you are an independent jewellery retailer, wholesaler or a chain-store, our E-Jewel Software will help you manage all parts of your business including Inventory, Customer Relationships, Vendors, Point of Sale, Invoicing, Marketing and Bar-Code / RFID. Our software simplifies and organizes day-to-day activities at your retail outlets, back-office and manufacturing unit.

Our E-Jewel Eco-System also offers an omni-channel sales platform using one single engine that can also power your fully- integrated E-Commerce website, Facebook Store and Mobile App.

Search Jewellery

Jewellery Software powered by our E-Jewel Platform allows you and your staff to quickly browse through your jewellery inventory using our quick search / advanced search option using Category, Metal Type, Stone Type, Metal Quality, Stone Quality, and many others.

Jewellery Inventory Tracking

Our Jewellery Inventory Management Tool allows you to provide specifications for your jewellery in up to 47 different searchable fields. It allows you to manage your jewellery in convenient make-to-order (Styles) or ready-made (Stock) types while categorizing your jewellery in multi-level tree structures. Our software allows for tracking multiple quantities across multiple locations.


E-Jewel has a powerful pricing tool using a user-defined Metal Master, Diamond and Gemstone Pricelist to dynamically calculate prices while browsing through multiple jewellery categories. This real-time mechanism calculates prices per- Customer, per-Supplier or per-User Group for entire categories of products for ease of use.

Import / Export Data from Excel

The Import and Export facility within your software allows easy inventory updates using CSV and Excel files for jewellery as well as loose diamonds. We also have provide ability to import data using Web Services.

Purchase / Sales - Invoicing, Quotations & Consignments

Our Sales Management tools allow easy methods to Process Orders, Generate Invoices, Quotes and Consignment Notes. These tools will allow you to view historical order data, update statuses, send notifications and keep a track of outstanding payments from each of your customers. We also allow easy conversion of Quotations and Consignments to be converted into an Order. Similarly, our purchase module allows you to issue Purchase Orders and record Stock Receipts via Purchase Invoices and Inward Consignments. It keeps track of outstanding payments and statuses of orders.

Customer and Vendor Management

Our User Management tools allow you to manage your customer’s details, as well as view their preferences, wishlists and past orders. You may also give different prices to different customers as well as allow certain stock to be visible to only a certain group of customers. Our software also allows to manage your suppliers and pricing offered by each.

Point Of Sale

Be where your customer is in the store and close the deal with our Tablet Point of Sale POS Software. From product catalogues to sales processing to customer maintenance, you can run all aspects of your retail business from your Tablet. Mobility and flexibility in one powerful Point of Sale Package.

Customizable Category Tree

The E-Jewel platform allows you to create your own customizable multi-level category tree for your products. You may also link them to the Menus and Navigation elements.

Barcode / RFID Printing

You can use our software to print customizable barcodes for your products with complete information of the product in any customizable format. Our platform can also be integrated with a third party RFID solution.

Salesman and Branch Support

This module helps you to attach your customers to your sales person and keeps him informed about the customers’ activity. Our Multi-Location tools enable you to transfer and keep track of your inventory in various locations of your business.

Security and Access Control

As an admin you will be able to give each user of the platform in your organization access to various features of the platform using our Security and Access Control module. Access to different features and categories can be assigned to User Groups defined by you.


Our web-based software solution is compatible all major browsers and has been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Certified Diamond Inventory

Our Integrated Diamond Search Engine and Inventory Management tools allow you to maintain your certified loose diamond stock in the software. It is fully integrated with RapNet, GIA, IGI, AGS, HRD, etc. Certified Diamonds can be added as components to jewellery mountings.

Diamond Pairs and Requirement Matching

Finding and selling similar stones is made easy with our Pairs Search Tool allowing you to match your existing Single Stone inventory for creating Matching Pairs. You can also set specific ranges of stones that each of your customers are interested in, and send them diamond stock details for only the stones that match their requirements.

Image Management and Certificates

Images added on the software are automatically resized for use in thumbnails and product pages including support for interactive 360° views. In addition to this, certificates for jewellery and diamonds can be uploaded to the software, as well as use pre-integrated with labs such as GIA, IGI, etc.

Manufacturing / Work Order Managment

Our manufacturing module allows you to issue raw materials such as metals and stones and track usage, wastage and returns through each stage of the manufacturing process. Different users can be tracked for each step including calculations of materials and labor cost. Our software also allows you to work orders to external suppliers / manufacturing units.

E-mail Marketing and Newsletters

Our built-in CRM tool allows you to send jewellery promotions and newsletters to your customers by Email. You may also use our newly added SMS Marketing Tool to send news updates. The tools allow you to send personalized emails to your customers using a simple WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) tool.

MIS Reports + Popular Item Tracking + Visitor Tracking

We understand that reporting is of utmost importance to the management. We have multiple Business Intelligence tools to help you with historical performance as well as future planning. Our Dashboard gives a real-time snapshot of recent activity on your software with stock and sales summaries including graphs and charts. Our integration with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) allows generation of advanced custom reports based on your requirements with an ability to export into CSV, Excel and PDF formats. In addition to this, our Transaction Reports allow generation of reports with filters and grouping on multiple fields to enable you to create your own reports on the fly.

Gift Vouchers + Promo Codes + Product Reviews

Your customers may want to purchase Gift Vouchers to give to their family / friends, who in turn can redeem the voucher to purchase an item at your store. You may also create promo codes (discount coupons) that can be sent out by email or put on third-party websites that offer deals.

Multi-Currency Support

The currency module allows you to view jewellery and process orders in multiple currencies.

E-Commerce Website Integration

We offer 7 templates / themes that can be used to create a fully integrated jewellery and loose diamond website. In addition to this, we also offer custom jewellery website design services where we will have one of our designers create a template as per your specifications / preferences and integrate it with your E-Commerce website.

Tablet Catalog App Integration

We provide a Tablet web app that is a touch-friendly web- based interface that allows your salesmen to show products or allows your customers to view your products and place orders. It is fully integrated with the Software and provides real-time product and order data.

Software Integration

The Import and Export facility within the software allows easy integration with other softwares and online platforms. As your software is powered by the fully-customizable E-Jewel platform, we can integrate your jewellery software your E- commerce website to allow a real-time flow of inventory and order updates back-and-forth.