Online Advertising for Jewelry & Diamonds

Online Paid Advertisements are a major source of leads for many businesses. The most common and lucrative plan for paid ads is the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. In this, a business can show its advertisement (textual, image or video ad) on another website and pay to the owner of that website based on the number of times people click on the ad and get redirected to the business’ website. The website on which ads are shown could be of any kind: search engine, social network, blog, etc. PPC campaigns typically involve bidding for ads based on keyword phrases (during searches), conversations, post engagements, etc. relevant to the target market of the business.

An ecommerce website dealing in jewelry would want to bring customers searching for necklaces, wedding rings, bridal collection, etc. depending on the keywords associated with their products. Similarly, a loose diamond business would focus on keywords like polished diamonds, princess diamond, etc. Search Engine Optimization is a must for any website, paid ads from Solo Ads help bring customers to your website based on your expectations on their demographics, their searches, the websites that they visit, etc. Also, Paid Ads show quicker results as opposed to SEO.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a platform which allows a business to publish ads on the websites that are part of the Google Network and other websites that allow Google to place ads on their website. The platform takes care of the relevancy of the ad to the audience of the website, analytics related to the ad impressions, clicks etc., management of the bidding process and also of the payments between the two parties. The platform allows us to enter target preferences like keywords, domain names, geographical location, and sometimes even demographics such as age, sex etc. This will help Google in matching ads to relevant websites. We help you create and manage your Google Adwords campaigns and target your customers based on whether you sell diamonds or jewelry, whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, whether you sell bridal jewelry or every day wear, etc.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers businesses an ability to advertise to their current/potential customers on the platform. This has evolved to become an effective way for Businesses to reach out to the customers. Since Facebook is a social media network and not a search engine, it allows you to show your ads to potential customers based on their preferences, other pages they follow, age, gender, geographic location, etc. This is incredibly helpful in targeting with precision as you can decide on your targets based on their interests and demographics. An online jewellery store would o target buyers who like pages related to retail jewelry brands and other competitors. On the other hand, a diamond business may want to focus on users who like Facebook pages of RapNet, Idex, GIA etc.

Facebook ads can be customized to evoke various actions: you can link them to your Facebook page where customer can browse through your jewelry designs and find more info, or you can redirect customers directly to your website to make a purchase or to contact you, in case of a B2B Diamond business. Other possible actions involve liking your page, calling your store, getting directions to it, etc.


If you have noticed a certain ad haunting you as visit different websites across the internet, it is because they are using Remarketing tools. Remarketing allows you to reach out to users who have visited your website before. The chances of converting these visits to sales is much higher compared to marketing to a general audience who has never visited your website before. We implement remarketing within and outside of the Google Network as well as Facebook.