Technology Consulting for Jewelry and Diamond Industry

DTS offers Technology Consulting services for Diamond and Jewelry companies that are interested in making their current business processes take an innovative leap by adopting newer forms of software and technology. We at DTS, have domain expertise in the Diamond and Jewelry field and we understand the intricacies of each business process at the Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer level.

We strive to become a tech partner to your diamond or jewelry business and help you in modernizing and optimizing your business processes. We help your business adopt technologies in Software, Product Engineering, Security, E-Business while keeping in mind the need for confidentiality of all information shared with us. Read below for information about the types of services offered by Diamond Technology Solutions.

Software Requirement Specification

Introducing a new software for a business always requires an understanding of both the diamond or jewellery business and the technology. The mapping of business processes with technological functions is important for a software to seamlessly support your business. We offer Business Analysis services whereby we understand the current processes and design a software requirement specification (SRS) document based on the required integration of your business with the software to be implemented. Here, we consider the business goals, current functioning, technology used, expected requirements, must-have functions, third party integrations, security, performance and several other factors. The SRS will allow a development team to implement the software in a way that will best benefit the business. Once we deliver the SRS, you can either take it to another technology firm for implementation or ask us to provide a proposal for implementation.

E-Business Consulting

Our company has pioneered the newest E-Commerce Solutions available in the Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Conducting Business over the Internet requires some level of Technical Knowledge and a good amount of Training time. We understand that your business may not currently have the resources or the technical skills to conduct such an Internet-based venture. We can help your business with all elements of running and E-Commerce venture such as Website Development and Maintenance, Product Catalog / Inventory Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics and Payment. Also, we offer a Turn-Key E-Business Service where DTS will Build, Operate and Maintain your entire E-Commerce venture.

Security Audit Services

The Diamond and Jewelry Industry is one of the most susceptible to Security threats to tangible wealth (diamonds, jewelry, other valuables) as well as intangible wealth (client lists, designs, intellectual property). We help our clients secure their physical gates to protect from article theft as well as virtual gates and firewalls to protect from information theft. We analyze the security set up at your facilities with Metal Detectors, Access Control and CCTV and recommend newer methods of security control like GPS and RFID. Similarly, we conduct a Penetration test and analyze the IT Infrastructure to find holes in system. The research stage is followed by a Comprehensive Report with an option for the client to have DTS help in implementing the recommendations.

Innovation Farming Services

This is a 2-3 month research period consisting of regular visits to the client’s office / manufacturing unit to study the business processes, understanding the problems faced in the day-to-day workings and analyzing the usage of technology. Individuals at our clients’ companies are interviewed to generate new ideas and help them innovate. At the end of the research period, we submit a Comprehensive Report with recommendations of technologies that can be incorporated into the current line of business with details about how it can be implemented, the amount of resources needed, the cost involved and the time taken

Paperless Consulting

A lot of printed material lying around on desks is usually a result of inefficiencies in business processes and makes it susceptible to human error. This can be taken care of in several ways including collaborative software systems and identification methods such as RFID. We understand that some amount of paperwork is unavoidable but we help our clients take a large step towards a paperless approach by adopting new technologies that will help reduce human error, increase efficiency and provide a no-clutter office environment. Apart from the above mentioned advantages of going into a paperless system, we will also be helping the environment by cutting less trees in-turn reducing the effects of Global Warming.

Operations Consulting

We offer Operations Consulting, where DTS will help your company in the research, selection and development process of the right technology for your department’s needs. This option is usually taken after one of the above Research or Audit has been performed and a client needs help in implementing some of the Solutions recommended in the Report. This approach may also be taken if the client has specific needs but is not sure about the options that are available, does not know the pros and cons of choosing different solutions or does not have enough in-house resources. DTS helps its clients by providing and End-To-End Solutions, where we will select the right solution if already available, build a new solution if required, customize it according to the client’s needs, train users and deliver an operational unit that can be easily integrated with the current business process.