Diamond Tablet Inventory

Our Apps provide you with a touch-based diamond inventory solution that allows your customers to access your inventory using a tablet. This can also be used by your sales staff within your office or at tradeshows to allow customers to easily browse through your inventory using an iPad or Android tablet. It features a full-fledged search engine allowing you to filter by Shape, Carat, Color, Clarity, Price, Fluorescence, Symmetry and others filters that you may provide.

Why use a Tablet for Diamond Inventory?

  • Use an advanced diamond search engine using a touch-based interface
  • Salesmen in the office can show Diamond Inventory to customers while they are in your office
  • Create Order Lists, Wish Lists while searching inventory and looking at stones
  • Can be published to a website and viewed on login by customers themselves via Desktop or Tablet
  • Independent of Hardware – The Diamond Tablet Catalog can be used on any Android or iOS tablet as well as any Desktop / Laptop
  • Make the process of purchasing more personalized and convenient
  • Great for trade shows and outdoor meetings

Major Features

  • AJAX based Diamond Search Engine
  • Advanced 24-field Search
  • Fully Integrated Inventory
  • Diamond Pair Matching
  • Integration with Labs for certificates
  • Images / Video Support
  • Custom Design
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-Lingual support

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Tablet App for Diamonds

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