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Does your company sell Diamonds and Jewelry?

We DO NOT sell Diamonds and Jewelry. We are E-Commerce Solution providers for the Diamonds and Jewelry industry and we design and develop Custom Websites for Business-to-Business (Wholesale) and Business-to-Consumer (Retail) environments.

Does your company have a website / portal / mall where I can sell my jewelry?

We do not currently have our own website that sells jewelry. We design custom websites for Diamond Manufacturers, Jewelry Manufacturers and Independent Jewelry Store owners to enable them to sell jewelry online.

Do you provide a website with pre-listed jewelry items?

There are some Web Design companies that provide you with a website that will list jewelry items from vendors that they have tie-ups with. We will NOT list anyone else’s jewelry items on your website. You will be able to upload your own list of jewelry items on the website.

Why is your platform better than Open Source platforms such as osCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and Joomla?

Odin© and E-Jewel©, our proprietary Diamond and Jewelry (E-Jewel©) Sales Platforms, are the most Advanced Business-to-Business (Wholesale) and Business-to-Consumer (Retail) Web applications available for the Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Websites made on our platforms:

  • Allow jewelers to enter detailed jewelry information including data about metals, diamonds, color-stones and pearls.
  • Better searching and browsing abilities for customers
  • Jewelry can be searched by 20 different fields including Metal Type, Metal Quality, Stone Type, Stone Quality (Color, Clarity), Price, etc.
  • Loose Diamonds can be searched using an easy to use AJAX Sliders with Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat and Price. The advanced search offers these and 30 other fields.
  • Provides data to Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo in a Key-Value format to index your website better (SEO).
  • Offer a Build Your Own Jewelry feature pioneered by BlueNile.com
  • Developed by Cutting Edge Technology – ASP .NET 3.5, AJAX and SQL Server 2005.

While Open Source platforms may be good for websites that sell low-cost and standardized items, it is not recommended to sell high-value jewelry items that tend to have numerous specifications and properties.

Why do you call it a platform and not a website?

A platform is simply a customizable software. Our proprietary Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms are robust configurable software platforms that allow us to create customized Diamond and Jewelry websites for our clients. It also clients that are interested in setting up multiple websites, to manage all the websites using a single interface sharing product data, settings and consolidated reports.

How long does it take for you to put up a website?

Setting up a website using our Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms takes us anywhere between 2 weeks – 6 months depending on the requirements set by our client. While Websites using standard packaged features and a template design selection can be developed fast, customized web development and design solutions may take months depending on the requirements put forth by our clients. Putting up a website also involves Content Writing, Photography and Product Uploads that may take time.
You may want to track our release of the Instant Jewelry Website Design Tool on our blogs.

What kind of design templates do you offer?

We have several ready-made Jewelry Website Design Templates that you may use. Please visit the Demo page to see a sample of the selection. Please contact us to see other design templates that we have.
Alternatively, we can prepare a Custom Website Design as per your needs that will remain exclusive to you and will not be shared with other clients.

Do you provide Custom Jewelry Website Design Services?

Yes, we do provide Custom Website Design services where our Graphic Designers will create a design taking into account your color and design preferences, your logo and your store / office colors. The drafting process involves several rounds of communication between you and the designers with different options and mock-ups being sent to you before a final design is selected and integrated with our Odin© and E-Jewel© Platforms.

Do you provide Custom Web-Application Development Services?

Yes. Although we are primarily a product-based software company focusing on the Sales Platforms for the Diamond and Jewelry Industry, we are open to taking up new custom development projects that present us with a challenge. Please contact us and tell us more about what you are looking for.

What is the difference between the hosted solution and the server solution?

Hosted Solution

  • Free Hosting on DTS’ shared servers
  • Front-End Customization is possible
  • Back-End Customizations are NOT possible
  • No need for Additional Software Licenses (Database, Reporting)
  • No need for Server Hardware and Maintenance
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Annual Maintenance Contract @20% per year after end of 1st Year

Server Solution

  • Installed on Servers of your choice
  • Front-End Customization is possible
  • Back-End Customization is possible
  • Multiple Websites at Minimal Cost
  • Control over Security and Privacy
  • (Optional) Annual Maintenance Contract @15% per year after end of 1st Year

If I buy the hosted solution now, can I upgrade to the Server Solution at a later date?

Yes. You will only owe the difference in the prices.

Do you provide us with the source code?

Client Websites on the Hosted Solution are not provided with any source code. Clients who choose to go for the Server Solution will be given access to API that will allow an external developer to make changes to the software. As per the Terms and Conditions of our products, you may only make changes to the software after taking a written approval from our company. This is done to make sure that the changes that you wish to make are compatible with any future updates to our platforms.

How much does it cost to put up a website?

The cost of setting up a Diamond and Jewelry website is entirely dependent on the features that you intend to have. You can have a simple brand website with a limited product display without any E-Commerce capabilities for as less as $2500, whereas a full-fledged E-Business Suite with Stone and Metal Pricing Masters can cost upwards of $40000.

What packages do you offer for Jewelry Website Design?

Please contact us with your requirements and we will send you a quote within 24 hours. Please provide the following details:
- Your name, your company name and organizations that you are a member of.
- Are you looking for an Inventory software or a website?
- What is your budget?
- Are you looking to sell Loose Diamonds or Jewelry or both?
- Are you going to be selling at a fixed price or do you want to be able to Auto-Calculate the price of your Diamonds (with Rap Discounts) or Jewelry (with Metal, Stone and Labor Masters)?
- Would you like to have your website in English or another language?
- Are you looking to sell in multiple currencies?

Do you make Static / Flash / non-eCommerce Jewelry Website Designs?

Yes, we make Flash and Simple Corporate Websites as well. We do not recommend a fully Flash based website since it is difficult for Search Engines such as Google to crawl your website and in turn making it difficult for customers to find your website. Update: Google has now started recognizing SOME text embedded in Flash.

Can you integrate features from E-Jewel© with my own jewelry website design?

Yes we can. There is an additional charge associated with graphics integration.

Can we add Content pages (text pages, eg. About us etc)?

E-Jewel© and Odin© have a Content Management System integrated into the platform, giving you an interface to create new static content pages by yourself. This will provide you with a simple Microsoft Word type of interface that will allow you to create pages, add images and format your text.

Can we have a Wiki / Blog on our site?

Yes. We offer this as an additional service.

We have two domain names. Can we use the software to power both the websites?

Yes. This is possible and here are your options.
1. Hosted Solution – Purchase ALL additional licenses for additional domain name.
2. Server Solution – Purchase Server Solution, allowing you to have additional websites for a minimal fee.
3. Use Domain Forwarding – When someone visits the second domain, he will be transferred to first domain with a different theme applied to the website. There is FREE.

Why Diamond Technology Solutions?

Even though we are a relatively new company (started in 2007), we have taken several large strides so far.
We are part of the Microsoft BizSpark Program and the Intel Software Partner Program. We were also nominees for the TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards and we have several large clients ($50 million plus) including Jewelex, KGK and Shairu Gems.
Our Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms are the most Advanced Diamond and Jewelry Platforms available. Also see the questions above “Why is your platform better than Open Source platforms such as osCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and Joomla?”

What kind of taxes are applicable?

4% VAT is applicable to companies located within India. VAT is NOT applicable to companies located in United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Import Duties if any must be paid by the buyer.

Is there a Software License Agreement?

Yes. You will be provided with a copy of the Software License Agreement after our quotation has been approved.

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We understand that our clients Intellectual Property and Designs are the most valuable assets of the company. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our clients to re-assure them that we will not disclose any sensitive data.

What technologies are used to build your platform?

ASP .NET 3.5
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Can I get a Demo of your Jewelry Website Platform

Yes. Please contact us for a Live Demo.

Managing your Jewelry Website

How do I to add my own line of jewelry / diamond inventory?

Our proprietary Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms will provide you with a robust Admin Dashboard that allows you to control all aspects of your website. You will be provided with Jewelry / Diamond Inventory Management Screens that will allow you to enter new jewelry items with pictures using an online form. To enter a large number of jewelry items on your website, you may also upload product data using an Excel file in a format that will be provided by us.

In advanced versions of our platforms, you may also be provided with a Vendor Management interface that allows you to create separate logins for your vendors, with limited access, to allow them to upload their inventory on to your website. You can set different margins to be added to the products uploaded by different vendors.

Can I upload my jewelry item data using an Excel file? Is there a certain format that my data has to be in?

Yes. For uploading large sets of jewelry items on to your website, it is recommended that you use the Upload Excel file facility in the Jewelry Inventory Management section of the Admin Dashboard. We will provide you with a format to use for the Excel file. If you are on the Server Solution we may be able to modify the format of the Excel file to suit your needs.
Note: Excel file must be saved as a CSV document before uploading. To do this, go to ‘Save as’ and in the popup window that shows up, select ‘Comma Separated Value (CSV)’ in the ‘Save as type’ drop down list.

Follow these steps to upload your CSV file:
1. Go onto the Import Jewelry page
2. Go to Browse and find the CSV file you would like to upload
3. Click on Import Jewelry
4. Make sure there are no errors that appear above the table. If there is an error message, find the cell outlined in red, fix the corresponding cell in the CSV file and return to step 2.
5. If there are no errors, click on the Save button.
6. Make sure all items appear with a positive note Summary Table.

Please follow these rules when creating the Excel file

  • Keep the header names same as Format file
  • Don’t Use Special characters like , ” | ; (Comma, Quote, Pipe, and a Semi colon).
  • Don’t Use text boxes / labels in Excel file.
  • Available Sizes is a required field. Do not leave it empty.
  • Don’t write units (K, Grams) in Metal Type, Metal Quality and Approx. Metal Weight columns
  • Do not put line breaks within cells (Alt+Enter)
  • Make sure you Pictures / Images have an file extension entered (JPG, GIF, etc)

What size do the product images need to be in?

Product Images need to be in at a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels. All pictures entered into the system will be automatically be re-sized into Large, Medium and Thumbnail sizes.

Do we need to give you thumbnail images as well?

No you do not. Our software will automatically resize product images that you upload into the system.

Is there a limit on the number of products?

There is no limit on the number of products and you can add as many as you like.

Do you do photography of the jewelry items?

No. We currently do not offer photography services, but we may be able to introduce you to jewelry photographers that we know of in your area.

How many images can the individual product pages have?

Technically, unlimited. However, we recommend you limit it to 4 so the thumbnails don’t make the page look too crowded.

What kind of products can we sell on your website?

Our platforms are primarily meant to be used for Loose Diamonds, Loose Gemstones, Engagement Rings. Fashion Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Costume Jewelry. However, E-Jewel© allows you to sell other products such as Watches, Gift Items, etc as well.

Do you do photography of the jewelry items?

No. We currently do not offer photography services, but we may be able to introduce you to jewelry photographers that we know of in your area.

What kind of searching abilities does your website allow?

We have about 50 distinct properties for Jewelry and about 40 distinct properties for Diamonds. Out of these properties, following are the searchable fields.
Diamonds / Stones
• Stock Ref ID
• Stone Type
• Shape
• Carat
• Cut
• Color
• Clarity
• Certificate Type
• Certificate Number
• Price
• Fluorescence
• Polish
• Symmetry
• Location
• Shade
• Culet
• Graining
• Girdle
• Table %
• Depth %
• Crown Height
• Pavilion Depth
• Inclusion Type

• Stock ID
• Category
• Collection
• Name
• Description
• Metal Type
• Metal Quality
• Stone Type
• Stone Color
• Stone Clarity
• Price
• Designer
• Supplier

How do I list my jewelry on other websites such as Overstock, eBay, Amazon, etc (other Affiliate sellers)?

Yes. We provide a CSV feed of the products listed on the websites that can be picked up by websites that you are associated with.

How do I list my diamond inventory on other websites such as IdexOnline, Polygon and Rap Net?

Our Software has been integrated with Rap Net and other such websites allowing you to retrieve and update stock from third party websites.

Can I have my suppliers directly enter their jewelry items on my website?

Yes. We have a Vendor Management tool allowing you to give username and passwords to your suppliers where they may login in to the website and upload their inventory.

Do you provide Web Hosting for my Jewelry Website or do I need to get my own Server space?

We provide FREE Hosting on our Servers located in the United States. Websites on the Hosted Solution MUST host on our Shared Servers. Websites on the Server Solution may choose their own hosting provider.

Do you provide online marketing services?

Yes. We provide take care of all aspects of Online Marketing including Overall Strategy, PR, Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing for the Jewelry industry.

Are your E-Commerce Websites SEO-friendly?

Yes, we provide several tools to help you improve your online store's ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Search-engine friendly page URLs for content pages, category pages and individual product pages.
  • Auto-Use of Page Title and Content Heading (h3 / h3 tags) to help crawlers read section titles.
  • Customizable Title tags and Meta tags like keywords and descriptions for all parts of the website including content pages, category pages and individual products pages.
  • Jewellery specific content provided to search engines in key-value pairs for each jewellery product for attributes such as metal type, metal quality, weight and stone type, quality and weight.

Do you provide SEO services?

Yes. Whether your websites are based on the Odin© or E-Jewel© platforms or they are built by another software vendor, we can optimize your website to achieve the best rankings possible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Please contact us for more details.

Are the Jewelry Websites that you develop Search Engine friendly?

Yes. Our Odin© and E-Jewel© platforms are highly optimized for Search Engine crawling. Since our platforms are made specific for the Diamond and Jewelry industry, we use Key-Value pairs associated with the industry so as to provide a richer variety of keyword combinations on your website.