Corporate Social Responsibility

Diamond Technology Solutions' Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are focused towards the education sector. We are proud to contribute towards the education system today, so that countries like India shall reap rich talent tomorrow which in turn, will help the nation to flourish.

Why Education?

Diamond Technology Solutions believes in the Right to Education for every child.
Statistics show that:

  • 35% of the world’s illiterate population lives in India
  • 8.1 million children in India are out of school
  • 25% of its population is illiterate; only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7% graduate
  • Nearly 54% of the Indian population is under 25 years

Our Partners

Vidyamandir Trust

Diamond Technology Solutions contributes to the Sarabhai Pitambarbhai Mehta Foundation that in turn funds scholarships for underprivileged children at the Vidyamandir School in Palanpur (Gujarat), India. 
About Vidyamandir Trust: Vidyamandir believes that the character of a nation depends on the quality of education we provide to the young growing minds. In today’s rapidly changing times of globalization, children need to be empowered to develop independence, decision making abilities and civic responsibility. Each child is a unique individual with his own potential, strengths and weaknesses, interests and ways of responding to the world. The challenge before us is to achieve a good balance between information overload and exam oriented teaching versus acquiring knowledge and joy in learning.

Shloka Missionaries

Shloka Missionaries was started in 2000 by Prof. Sandeep Manohar Desai who quit his job at S.P. Jain School of Management, one of the premier MBA colleges in India. Diamond Technology Solutions makes small contributions towards their initiatives in building schools in remote villages across the country.
About Shloka Missionaries: Shloka Missionaries is a non-profit organisation with a Board of Trustees comprising of distinguished academicians and professionals. These professionals have been committed to the goodness of unconditional sharing ... of knowledge, service, beliefs and values. Shloka Missionaries has been committed to reforms in education from its very inception. The Trustees believe that Vidya is the true wealth of a nation and its people. Following this mission, the Trust has been involved with creating new pools of learning where none existed and bettering existing pools of knowledge. After creating a new discipline in the field of creativity and communication studies, we now intend to make this a mass movement – Vidya Daan. We intend to take this message and vision of Vidya Daan to villages, towns and cities. 

Gyanada Foundation

Diamond Technology Solutions conducts volunteering activities with Gyanada Foundation to train female children from underprivileged backgrounds in Computer Programming.
About Gyanada Foundation: The Gyanada Foundation is an educational non-profit founded in 2013. We work to create better opportunities for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that better educational outcomes lead to better lives. The Gyanada scholarship we have offered since 2013 provides hundreds of girls across India with a bond-free scholarship to attend low-cost private schools in their communities. This year, we will also offer English and computer skills training to our students through the Gyanada All-Stars program. Since our founding, we’ve worked carefully with a small number of well-established education non-profits who work as our field partners in five states.