15 Good Reasons Why E-Jewel© is Better than Open-Source E-Commerce Platforms

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July 29, 2016
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15 Good Reasons Why E-Jewel© is Better than Open-Source E-Commerce Platforms

E-Jewel©, our proprietary jewellery sales platform is the most advanced B2B (wholesale) and B2C (retail) web applications available for the diamond and jewellery Industry.

If you are looking for the best platform on this website, then you, as a jeweller who wants to sell effectively online, should know why our proprietary e-commerce platform, E-Jewel© is a better choice than various open-source platforms such as OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, etc. Here is some food for thought:

1.     You are selling Jewelry, not electronics!

While Open-Source platforms work well for selling generic standardized items such as electronics, they don’t work well for selling high-value jewellery items. Unlike open-source ecommerce platforms that do not provide for intricate product details, E-Jewel© allows you to enter detailed information about your jewellery in up to 210 fields. This could include data about metals, diamonds, colour-stones, pearls etc.

2.     Jewelry-Specific Product Search, Filter and Browse Capabilities

Jewellery-specific product data go into searchable fields that are indexed for quick searches and can be used for product pricing. Using E-Jewel©, you have the convenience of searching pieces of jewellery by 20 different fields including metal type, metal quality, stone type, stone quality (colour, clarity), price, etc. which is unheard of in most open-source platforms.

3.     Integrated Diamond Search

Also, you may offer search functionality for loose diamonds using an easy-to-use AJAX Slider with shape, carat, cut, colour, clarity, carat, lab and price. The advanced search feature offers these, along with 30 other fields.

4.    Offer a ‘Build Your Own Jewellery’ feature pioneered by Blue Nile

The diamond search feature is fully integrated with the jewellery to enable you to offer a ‘Build Your Own Jewellery’ feature pioneered by the leading global e-commerce portal Blue Nile. This feature allows users to select a mounting (ring, pendant or earring) and then select a stone that fits that mounting (or vice versa). You can allow your customers to build Engagement Rings, Solitaire Pendants, Earrings, etc.

5.    SEO for Jewellery

Our proprietary E-Jewel platform provides jewellery metal and stone information to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo in a key-value format to index your website better. Basically, if the information (keywords) rendered to Google is searched for by a user, your website has better chances of showing up in search results.

6.     Cutting-edge Technology

Our platform has been developed by cutting-edge tech using Microsoft ASP .NET, AJAX and SQL Server and they are more powerful, scalable and secure than Open-Source websites. Our software and ecommerce solutions are well-tested with ability to list over 100K jewellery and 200K diamonds.

7.     Fully customizable platform

Our E-Jewel© Platform is a fully customizable platform wherein we can custom develop features as per your needs as well as perform custom integration with your in-house ERP and / or suppliers for real-time inventory updates.

8.     Stay Evergreen!

Our engineers are constantly updating our E-Commerce platform. So, there wouldn’t ever be a time when you feel like you’re missing out on new methods of selling. Also, new and exciting features are regularly rolled out to stay on par with the dynamic industry and deliver smooth results to buyers.

9.     Don’t re-invent the wheel

With E-Jewel©, you don’t need to go through the process of requirement specification, development and testing as most of what you need is already available. Customizing a platform such as OpenCart to provide advanced functionality like the kind provided on websites such as bluenile.com or diamondsfactory.co.uk may take months, if not years. Why re-invent the wheel when there is a ready platform that offers all of the advanced functionality (and more!) available on globally successful jewellery ecommerce websites.

10.  Auto-pricing functionality

Metal and Diamond based real-time auto-pricing features are available in our solutions. It saves you time and keeps you abreast with price volatility in the market. Our price calculator incorporates stone pricelists, metal prices and labour costs defined by you to enable your customer to select his own parameters and price it, without you having to worry about pricing the product in all the variations that you can offer.

11.  Easy integration with supplier inventories

Integration with supplier inventories like RapNet, Idex Online, external suppliers, etc. can be easily done via our e-commerce platform.

12.  Marketplace integration

When you choose E-Jewel© you are doing yourself an enormous favour as now, you will be free from worrying about how to sell through the innumerable platforms available today. Our solutions can be easily integrated with online marketplace giants like Amazon, eBay and many more.

13. One-stop shop

Our platform also offers you a fully integrated, end-to-end solution which includes your back office software, point-of-sale, tablet and mobile apps. With these feature, you can be rest assured about finding and following your clientele anywhere and everywhere with utmost ease.

14.  Open-source licensing terms and compliance issues be at bay

When you use open-source, you are required to comply with license terms specified by the components you’re using. The time taken to understand the terms of an Apache software licence vs. a general public license (GPA) may differ. Also, on the basis of which open-source components you use and how you use them like distribute it to third parties or use it for internal purposes, varying license terms would apply.

When you use our proprietary software, you are free from these nitty-gritties. Our license agreement addresses all of your rights to the platform. In the event of transfer of ownership in your firm, or if your company was taken over by another, you have an asset that you can claim to be yours.

15.  Tech-Support

Lastly, unlike open-source providers, you do not have to worry about whom to ask for support. You have a dedicated team that will always take your call and guide you through. Once you’ve determined that there lies a bug in your vendor code, all you need to do is report it and the dedicated engineers will take it from there. 

There would be no need for you to look around for slideshows in case of minor bugs. You’re just a phone call away from technical support. In open-source software you’ll always find yourself trying to get something fixed, improved, patched, enhanced, rewritten or upgraded.

So, there it is - 15 good reasons why our proprietary ecommerce platform, E-Jewel©, is better than open-source platforms available on the market.

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Diamond Technology Solutions simplifies and organizes your retail outlets, back-office and manufacturing day-to-day activities. Our E-Jewel© eco-system offers an omni-channel sales platform using one single engine that can also power your fully-integrated ecommerce website, Facebook Store and Mobile App.