About Our Company


Purpose and Mission

Diamond Technology Solutions was established to bring together new technology driven ideas with old practices governing the global Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Since it was established in 2007, it has worked closely with some of the largest Diamond and Jewelry manufacturers and retailers to create exciting and innovative technology products. Its solutions are used by over 150 diamond and jewellery companies based in 14 countries spread across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The company aims to connect diamond and jewellery businesses worldwide by enabling customers to increase their target audience, by helping them break time and geographical barriers while keeping a low cost of inventory. Its technologies help gather data, organize information, attain knowledge and enable action. This helps companies increase productivity and decrease costs by automating processes, reducing redundancies and decreasing human error.

Diamond Technology Solutions was nominated for the TATA NeN Hottest Startup Awards in 2008 and was awarded the Star Entrepreneurship Award in 2010. It has been covered in the News on the Starting Up show on ETNOW, YuvaBharat show on ETV, as well as, received recognition from several trade magazines including Solitaire, Idex and Retail Jeweller. DTS is also a part of the Microsoft BizSpark Program and the Intel Software Partner Program.


Products and Services

Diamond Technology Solutions specializes in Advanced Software, E-Commerce Solutions and Mobile & Tablet Apps for the diamond and jewellery industry. Its copyrighted solutions, Odin© and E-Jewel©, are the most advanced inventory and sales technology in the industry.

Their Odin© and E-Jewel© technologies provide a Central Engine that powers an omni-channel environment enabling sales through Multiple Offices / Stores, integrated E-Commerce Websites, Mobile Apps, Facebook Store and In-Store Kiosks. This allows all parts of a business to be connected while providing data and analytics in real- time.

In addition to its products, the DTS team has undertaken several large custom development projects that go through a rigorous Agile methodology that allows product development to evolve using a constant feedback mechanism. It provides Turn-Key solutions covering all stages of the software development lifecycle including Requirement Specification, UI Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Documentation, Training and Technical Support.

Diamond Technology Solutions understands the need for its clients to not just acquire the right technology but also to have it produce the desired results. To provide a well-rounded range of solutions, Diamond Technology Solutions also offers consulting services, utilizing its domain knowledge and technical expertise to make optimum use of technology.



Diamond Technology Solutions’ products are built from ground up specifically for diamond and jewellery businesses. They do not just use industry-agnostic, off-the-shelf products that are re-purposed for use in the industry. Its commitment to quality and attention to detail is clearly reflected in the fact that its solutions achieve the right balance between being both, powerful and easy-to-use, while following its philosophy of KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid.

The company uses client feedback and suggestions to frequently enhance its products with new and improved features and in doing so, its solutions continue to evolve as one of the most powerful, easy-to-use, tried and tested technologies available.

Diamond Technology Solutions’ strive for customer-satisfaction does not just stop at product delivery. It goes well beyond, in making sure that its technology is truly being useful the way it was envisioned and is helping its customer’s businesses in their day-to-day activities. It provides intensive training and prompt support to all its clients.


Team and Founder

The DTS team consists of highly-skilled developers with educational backgrounds from reputed colleges including Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the University of Virginia (UVa). A combination of a wide spectrum of information technology skills, gem & jewellery industry knowledge and infrastructural strengths has enabled its team to execute large turnkey projects. DTS has a strong infrastructure base, which includes a team with in-depth knowledge of proprietary and open-source technologies.

The founder of the company, Kashyap Mehta, is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, where he graduated with Honors in Computer Science. He specialized in 3D Graphics and he went on to work in the video game industry at Hypnotix and then at EA Sports, where he led a small team in Physics and Gameplay Programming. Kashyap is an avid traveler having been to 29 countries, and takes a keen interest in sailing, scuba diving and photography.

He moved back to India in 2007 to start his current company, Diamond Technology Solutions. He manages the Software Architecture and International Business Development ends of the company, and has helped the company to add clients in 14 countries across 5 continents. With his family being in the Diamond and Jewellery industry, he combined this domain knowledge with his technical background and innovative ideas, to offer Advanced Software and E-Commerce solutions to the industry.