5 Ways Jewellery Retailers can Boost Sales via Clienteling

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May 2, 2016
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5 Ways Jewellery Retailers can Boost Sales via Clienteling

Buying jewellery is a very personal experience. It frequently involves the customer getting emotional. And, a store associate is the first person the customer meets in his shopping journey. In such a situation, it would be thoughtful if the associates at the sore can connect with the customer. With making use of the right clienteling tools, the associates will be able to better exercise the power of bringing customers back to the store. 
Here, we shall explain 5 ways in which jewellery retailers can boost sales via clienteling:- 

1.   Leverage festivities and occasions

Weddings and festivals are joyous occasions filled with promises of love and joy. They are a very important reason for your clients to acquire new jewellery. The bridal ecosystem is not limited to but it extends beyond engagement rings and wedding bands; brides and grooms purchase gifts for the wedding party, relatives and surprises for each other. Apart from the wedding bands and rings, fashion jewellery for women and cufflinks and watches for gentlemen are often sought after pieces for wedding parties. Clienteling can ensure that a jewellery retailer has the largest slice of this pie. When such key events are recorded digitally, tasks can be created for associates to reach out as the D Day approaches or during a one year wedding anniversary.
Moreover, the perfect gift can be proposed when clienteling is used to record objects of desire in wish-lists. 

2.   Get to ‘know’ the client 

Most buyers have preferences when it comes to their personal taste and style, for e.g. metals they dig, stones, and designs and designers. Many have piercings while many don’t’, some may be allergic to some kind of metals, and ring sizes differ for each one. There are many such elements that an associate needs to keep track of in order to be able to propose relevant pieces of jewellery to the customer. Clienteling is key not only to track preferences and record data but also to probe a query with information on it. For e.g. who was the customer who was looking for an eternity band in white gold last week? If you’d jotted that info down on a mobile device in the customer profile, it’d have been easily retrievable.
To have a very aesthetic visual record of a client’s personal style, you can create a digital jewellery box and save all her previous purchases in it. This can be another great tool to evaluate individual tastes and pitch ideal complementary items. 

3.   Sell by appointment

Choosing a piece of jewellery that will be used for everyday adornment or will become a family heirloom can be onerous. Therefore, it is very important that the customer does not feel rushed into making such a critical decision of investment.
The retailer gains an opportunity to steer appointments to quieter times in the store, while the customer benefits by having a one-on-one shopping experience with their preferred associate. Another major benefit for the associate would be that he can plan in advance by reviewing the customer profile and pulling out items that they anticipate will interest the customer based on their past purchases and preferences. 

4.   Reaching Out

Outreach activities executed by store associates result in higher conversion rates than the traditional forms of mass marketing since the communication involved becomes highly personalised. Some great instances include outreach to ask if they are enjoying the anniversary or a thank you note post a significant amount of purchase. You can also employ work force for multi-step tasks in order to follow up 3 days, then 3 weeks and also 3 months after a prospective buyer first browses for a product. Once they have made the big purchase, that work flow would be complete and you should start a new one to reach them out in about 5 weeks’ time for wedding bands etc. Apart from selling opportunities, clienteling should be used to routinely remind associates for service alerts for yearly inspections, cleanings and repairs available for pickup. 

5.   A digital template to expedite the process for success

Clienteling via outreach doesn’t need to be extensive and tedious. Whether it is a formal e-mail or sending out a quick SMS, there are various digital templates available which facilitate by expediting the tasks for your associates while ensuring that corporate branding and tone are respected. You get the best of both worlds – marketing can design a campaign with carefully crafted and controlled messaging while the associates can add in a personal touch which will make the message impactful. Are you planning on inviting your clients to a truck show or a special in-store event? Tele-scripts can ensure that associates know every minute detail of the event before they answer the calls.